Build fails to find a library during configuration step

Configure PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable. Package managers such as brew on OS X do not pkgconf files in the default location.

Ori fails to connect over SSH

Ensure that the ori binary is available in the system's path. SSH does not run your shell's rc file to configure the path. Try running ssh localhost ori version if this fails then your system PATH is not configured properly.

OriSync fails to detect my other hosts

Ensure that you're clocks are synchronized. In version 0.8.0 the clocks must be within 5 seconds of each other. This has increased to 5 minutes in all subsequent releases.

What ports does Ori use?

OriSync uses multicast and unicast packets on UDP port 8051 for device discovery and versioning metadata. All data transfer takes place over SSH. HTTP support is implemented, but not yet supported.